Professional hygiene maintenance

Jobs hygiene facilities require the expertise, speed and commitment with the skills to adapt to customer requirements and the type and size of the space. The service is done with prior agreement and submitted the offer with the specification of services according to client needs. Basically we achieve cooperation based on long term contracts. Conferral of Euro company facilities, clients achieve savings in time and their employees running smoothly. Our staff work is done discreetly, respecting the activities of users and the confidentiality of information and documents that he finds in the premises. Our concern about preserving a healthy environment of our customers is reflected in the careful selection of chemicals we use in our work. These funds are renowned manufacturers who have certificates of quality (ISO 9001:2008) and environmental safety (ISO 14001:2004), and local approvals authorized laboratories for the safe use of funds: Pramollo Chemie, Johnson Diversey, Buzil, Ecolab, Werrner & Mertz Tana . In addition, perform continuous control works on all objects. For any problems and misunderstandings react immediately and we are always available and ready to meet the client. In everyday use modern equipment, tools and machines of the last generation: Task, Hako, Wap Alto Group, COLUMBUS, WIRBEL and Nilfisk. All this enables us to develop with their clients active business relationship full of mutual trust and respect, and because their number is constantly increasing.

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Technical property maintenance

Technical Property Maintenance is a necessity for every responsible investors whose interest in the property value does not diminish more than the anticipated rate of depreciation. It is known to be better maintained property for sale or issue and are more valuable than those that are not properly maintained. For several sub-holding here are only the most important:
- Preventive maintenance of overall technical systems such as heating systems, refrigeration, elevators, escalators systems, electrical and plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, etc..
- Investment holding includes all the larger or smaller papers relating to property, from the smallest to the renovation works.
- Repairs to include the widest range of liquid water, locksmith or električarskih interventions in residential and commercial properties.
- Other services include ancillary and special services required for comprehensive maintenance of the property, including disinfection, pest and rodent control, horticulture, and other services according to customers' requirements.

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Physical and technical security

Represents the direct and indirect protection of certain objects, property and belongings and their immediate or wider environment as well as persons who reside in them. Protection is focused on the prevention of theft, damage, destruction or other adverse effects to property or the prevention of risks to life and health, physical and mental integrity and privacy of protected persons and the objects under surveillance.
Quality assurance service is based on: quality operational and preventive measures, assess the complex security facility, assess security risks and threats, and expected sources and types of possible threats. The main factor in ensuring the physical are human resources. For these reasons, special attention is paid to the choice, check the health and psycho-physical abilities as well as preparation and training of candidates for the physical security duties. We provide complete technical solutions for z aštitu objects of any size, purpose, type and facilities with special requirements - we estimate, assembly, installation and maintenance. We offer the best alarm monitoring system.
Our services include alarm system linking clients to our monitoring center 24 hours. For facilities that have no alarm system, we are able to incorporate our system at a cost of 1.00 din. Upon receiving the alarm signal from the object on duty in the monitoring center operators coordinate action for patrol and emergency response if necessary, the competent services of the police, ambulance or fire brigade.

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Property management

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (Facility Management) includes a complete service in order to preserve the commercial value of objects and guarantees their optimal function.
Facilities Euro takeover offers homeowners the following commitments:
- Care of the functional services (maintenance, cleaning, security ...)
- Finding a tenant
- Preparing for the issue of tenants
- Payment of rent
- Monitoring and distribution of common costs
- Monitoring the state issued property
- Performance of all payments relating to the subject property (water, electricity, etc.).
- Communication with the authorities and institutions
- Regular reporting to the owner

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